Why Should I Give to the Foundation of City College of San Francisco?

City College of San Francisco is vital to the continuing development of the Bay Area’s economy. The College is the largest workforce trainer in San Francisco and the largest provider of post-secondary education with campuses and instructional sites located throughout San Francisco’s neighborhood communities.

For 80 years, City College of San Francisco has been a dependable entry point for San Franciscans and other Bay Area residents. At City College students have been able to:

“The community college system will lead the way out of the recession, because these are the schools that are strongly focused on preparing students for the workforce.”

—Dr. Don Q. Griffin, Former Chancellor, City College of San Francisco

  • Earn a college degree;
  • Prepare for transfer to a four-year institution;
  • Upgrade job skills or obtain a vocational certificate;
  • Gain new knowledge; and
  • Become proficient in the English language.

For generations, the College has been an open door: an accessible and affordable pathway to a better life. For many San Francisco families, City College has been the only viable option to help them move up the economic ladder through workforce training and academic degrees.

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