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Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus

City College of San Francisco’s new Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus was envisioned by the people who live and work in the community. From a central location, the new facility will serve its unique community of immigrants, traditional students, older adults, working professionals and high school students with their diverse and complex needs. The Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus community has created a lasting plan to bring immediate opportunities and a permanent pathway to personal success for thousands of people each year.

Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus

Over 10,000 students enroll annually at the Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus. Students from a wide range of backgrounds seek and receive support through academic, technical and workforce training and service programs that help them on their journey to higher education, employment, career advancement, and life-long learning.

Among the many reasons why this new Campus is worthy of your financial support:

  1. It provides opportunity at a time of economic uncertainty. Unemployment in San Francisco exceeds 8.5%. People who are out of work continue to turn to City College of San Francisco for classes and programs that give students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century economy.
  2. Community Colleges are facing staggering budget cuts. For many young people, the cost of university tuition is simply out of reach and community college provides an affordable and close-to-home option. With the economy struggling and state government budgets being slashed, thousands of students are being denied access to the education they need and want. Your support of the Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus provides opportunities to students trying to improve their lives and preparing them for participation in an information-driven economy.
  3. You will help empower immigrants. Right now, City College Chinatown North Beach Campus serves over 5,500 students each semester — most of whom are new immigrants from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They take classes to learn English, gain job training skills and prepare for U.S. citizenship. With expanded offerings and a new facility that takes them into the 21st century, the Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus will be able to serve a projected 7,500 students each semester.
  4. The needs of older adults will be served. The Older Adult Program offers classes for people age 55 and above in the areas of computer training, legal services, health, fitness, fine arts, and the humanities, enriching our cultures and inspiring our communities.
  5. Community partnerships will be enhanced. Rooted in the community, the new Campus will celebrate long alliances with prominent organizations, such as Self-Help for the Elderly, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Asian Law Caucus, YMCA, Wu-Yee Children’s Services and others devoted to the community’s continued success.
  6. Student support services will be expanded. The new facility will be a full-service campus with its own onsite admissions, assessment, financial aid, tutoring, mentoring, and academic and career counseling staff. All of these core services will foster greater opportunities for everyone.
  7. Education transforms lives. Perhaps it’s obvious to say, but education simply transforms lives. It helps people meet their potential. It’s good for our economy and our communities. And it helps ensure that greater opportunities will be available for the generations to follow. This alone is invaluable.
Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus

The Investing in the Future Campaign for the new Chinatown North Beach Financial Campus needs your support. Friends of the new Chinatown Campus are called on to participate in the Campaign. With a charitable gift now, the dream and the promise will be fulfilled! Generous and spirited philanthropy is invited. Help City College of San Francisco change lives!

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